Jürgen Halligan: "My trip to Turin"

“My Trip to Turin” by Jürgen Halligan

After reading about Andy and Lisa’s trip to Turin, I decided it was about time that I went visit this magnificent stadium of Juventus that everyone was talking about, so after booking online a 4 day holiday in Turin I drove to Birmingham where I left my car and then flew to Turin via Brussels. 

I arrived at Turin airport and was met by a taxi booked by the hotel Diplomatic to take me to the hotel. The hotel was excellent and had free wifi which allowed me to keep up to date with news at Notts County. 

The following day I travelled to the stadium via the club shop where I bought a Juventus shirt with Pirlo’s name emblazoned on the back and then booked myself for a stadium and museum tour. The tour took about an hour and I was given a audio guide which translated what was being said. The ground was very impressive, from the media room to the changing and VIP seats and then the stadium itself, the pitch looked brilliant and to test the acoustics the group shouted “Forza Juve” which echoed loudly round the stadium. 

After finishing the tour it was then onto the museum where I saw all the trophies and old Juve shirts along with film clips of various games and lots of pictures of former Juve heroes, this finished an excellent day and one I will never forget. The following day I went for walks close to my hotel and enjoyed the local food and then met Giorgio for a few drinks in the Shamrock bar and also watched a bit of the Italy v Brazil game, it was good to catch up and was a truly enjoyable experience visiting Turin.


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