#7 questions for Ray Trew. EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW


Hello Mr.President! First of all thanks for the time you’re spending for us. We had a couple of interviews with the players.

Many Italian Magpies asked about the link with Juve this time, but also to know more about the Club.
Here the questions:

#1Why did you decide to become the President of the Notts County Football Club? Was it your favourite team or the love for the colours came out just after?

“I have always had a passion for football. As a youngster from London, I used to watch QPR and Brentford on alternate weeks. I am also a businessman and wanted to combine my 2 passions. I was approached by Notts County FC at a time when I was ready to take on a new challenge. The club is near to where I now live and was of interest to me because of it’s urgent need of attention and it’s rich history. The love for the club was almost immediate, at my first game, seeing the warmth of the supporters and the courageous performance of the team in the FA Cup v  – Fulham”.

#2How many people work in the background of the Club? Does Notts County provide some form of representation of the fans at the top of the Club (supporters’ trust, popular shareholding etc..), on the model of some other English clubs?

“Many people work behind the scenes at Notts County to support the work going on onfield. And develop our community. A dedicated group of staff, some of who have been with us for many years. Currently, over 300 people are employed, some on a casual basis, but  including about 80 contracted, for various hours including players. We are still developing the Supporter Liason role but, in any case, have an open and inclusive relationship with supporters. We do not have a Supporter’s Trust, though the club has had one in the past (not under our stewardship)”.

#3You purchased the Club for just £1 and you inherited many debts. Three years with up and down. We’d like to know what was the worse moment and the best one. What was the best game you’ve been to?

“Worst moments: Finding the extent of the debt was far, far greater than was portrayed. By the time I was approached, the club was in a precarious position and a decision needed to be made fairly speedily.
Best moments: even in this short time, there have been many memorable times. Being promoted as champions of League 2,  hosting Manchester City at home and coming within minutes of winning, and, of course, having the honour of being invited to play the inaugural game at the new stadium of Juventus in Turin”.

#4Do you think it’s possible to reach the play offs in this season? We suppose the project is to take Notts County in Championship. How much time do you think that project needs?

“Yes, ever the optimist! We have a good squad and management and it is still possible to reach the play offs this season. Of course, it is our aim to take Notts to the next level, be it this year, next, or the year after. But we have patience and are also committed to ensuring the longevity of the club and the development of young players”.

#5What did you think when you received the invitation for the Opening Ceremony of the new stadium of the Italian Giants? Later in the season, Andrea Agnelli sent another invitation for the Opening Ceremony of the Juventus Museum, as a sign of friendship continues, it was a good experience?

“We had actually been in communications with Juventus for over a year, as we were eager to develop our link and to have them as guests for a game in our 150th year celebrations. Even so, it was an honour for Andrea Agnelli to call us and invite us to the stadium opening. Notts were very well looked after and it was a fantastic experience from start to finish. We had been invited for some time, maybe 1.5 years, to the opening of the J Museum and again, we had a marvelous experience”.

#6Many fans would like to know if Notts County would be interested in loaning any Juve youth players. Do you think that could be possible?

“Yes, Notts County would be receptive to the idea of loaning of the youths from Juventus, should that ever be possible”.

#7Maybe you expect which is the big question. Is it in your programme for a return friendly match with Juventus as Meadow Lane? If it’s not yet planned, do you think it will be possible?

“Juventus have already agreed as part of a reciprocal arrangement, that they would attempt to come over to Nottingham and play Notts at Meadow Lane. Obviously, with such a successful club as Juventus, the main obstacle to this is scheduling around the other commitments. Notts can be more flexible with timings and understand this.  Andrea Agnelli has expressed also a strong desire to bring Juventus to Meadow lane and we will continue to work to make this happen”.

“On behalf of myself and Aileen, I would like to thank you for the work of the Italian Magpies. We look forward to meeting you again soon”.

We want to thank Aileen and Ray Trew for the interview, for their kindness and for everything they’ve done for the Italian Magpies.

Many thanks to Andy Black.

Neal Bishop, 03/10/2012
Alan Judge, 14/12/2012
Ray Trew, 05/03/2013
Jamal Campbell-Ryce, 21/03/2013
Bartosz Bialkowski, 15/08/2013
Callum McGregor, 10/04/2014


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